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Woman holding jaw due to TMJ painTemporo­mandibular disorders can cause pain in your jaw, either in the joint or the muscles, or both. While either TMJ (temporo­mandibular joint) disorder or TMD (temporo­mandibular disorder) can cause considerable discomfort like pain and tenderness in the jaw or temporo­mandibular joint, pain around the ear and difficulty chewing, or facial aching, and even making it difficult to open your mouth, these conditions can be treated.

There are several approaches you can use to control and treat temporo­mandibular disorders effectively and alleviate your pain and discomfort. If you suffer from TMD and want to learn how you can correct this disorder, we highly recommend visiting our office at Smile Craft Dental where we can provide you with effective oral appliances such as night mouthguards to help you live a full life without the constant pain and irritation of the disorder.

Chew Better

For many people, temporo­mandibular disorders occur as a result of arthritis, injury, or bruxism (clenching and grinding of the teeth). TMD often brings severe tooth sensitivity because each time you grind or clench your teeth you compromise their enamel. When the tooth enamel is compromised your teeth become sensitive and irrespective of how soft the food you are trying to eat, you feel the pain when you bite or chew because it directly affects your nerve. The pain may also manifest from hot or cold foods and drinks, causing pain from tooth sensitivity as well as the joint pain from the temporo­mandibular disorder.

Tooth sensitivity is a serious condition caused when the enamel of your teeth is compromised, a common condition for those patients who suffer from TMD. If you want to repair your teeth without compromising their integrity or disturbing the enamel, then we recommend a premium night mouthguard which can prevent the constant friction of bruxism and help relieve the pain of TMD.

Prevents Tooth Loss

Apart from the fact that you will have sensitive and exposed teeth, temporo­mandibular disorder can also lead to a higher risk of infections and damage. When the enamel of your tooth is disturbed there is a greater risk for infection, which can spread to the bone. If this occurs, tooth extraction is often the only solution available to stop the infection. Our dental professionals can diagnose and treat TMD and bruxism to avoid tooth loss.

Once diagnosed at our office, the dentist will recommend a course of treatment to address your TMD. Often pain relievers can help some, but even better is a quality, custom-fitted occlusal appliance designed and crafted by us. A night mouthguard is often effective for both temporo­mandibular disorder and bruxism. By preventing the clenching and grinding, and relieving the stress on the temporo­mandibular joint, the TMD will resolve, thus eliminating the friction and pressure on your teeth and joint. Doing so will also help keep your natural teeth intact for your lifetime.

Prevents Earaches

Constant teeth grinding and clenching along with TMD not only results in jaw joint and muscle pain, but the pain may also travel to the ears making life difficult, from chewing food to concentrating on work.

Investing in a high-quality custom night mouthguard from us can mean the relief you need. Call us today at 650-880-1269 or visit our office at Smile Craft Dental and discover how we can help.

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