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Oral Cancer Screening
Redwood City, CA

Dr. Amy Nguyen discussing oral cancer screening with a relaxed patientCancer screening can be a frightening scenario for some people, but it should not be. The truth is oral cancer screenings done consistently offer you the opportunity to discover problems early when they can be treated more easily and successfully. Oral cancer screenings have a number of benefits from helping you overcome an early cancer diagnosis to helping you live life to the fullest. If you have questions about our oral cancer screening procedures, then please visit our office at Smile Craft Dental so our professionals can guide you through the procedure without fear and help you understand all the benefits oral cancer screening has to offer.

Detects Cancer at an Early Stage

There are many misconceptions about oral cancer screening. One such misconception is that oral cancer screening is an invasive procedure. The truth, however, is that oral cancer screening is simple, similar to a dental exam, in which one of our dental professionals take a close look inside your mouth to thoroughly examine your gums, teeth, cheeks, throat, face, and neck. The close examination is designed to rule out any early signs of cancer, such as small bumps, spots, or lesions.

Early signs of oral cancer are difficult to detect on your own and that is where our team of dental professionals come in - to help detect early signs of cancer before the disease has the opportunity to advance and spread. Oral cancer is common. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR), nearly 50,000 Americans are diagnosed each year. Given these facts, early detection means early treatment for this preventable cancer.

Quicker Treatment

When cancer is detected in its earliest stages, treatment is easier, and success is the most likely outcome. People who suffer from oral cancer often recover when it is detected during the first stage. Early detection often results in a full recovery and full quality life. When detected at a later stage, risk increases, and treatment is more difficult. Although many patients recover when oral cancer is discovered later, some lose part of their mouth function, such as decreased ability to chew or swallow easily. When oral cancer is detected at the earliest possible stage, the risk of loss of function is decreased. On-time treatment, prevention, and cure are always the better solution.

Increases Chances of Getting Cured

One of the major benefits of having an oral cancer screening is doing so increases your chances of full recovery if oral cancer is discovered during your screening. The risk factors for oral cancer include smoking tobacco products, the use of smokeless tobacco products, excessive use of alcohol, a family history of cancer, HPV (human papillomavirus), and excessive sun exposure. Even so, patients with no history of chewing tobacco or smoking and no history of cancer may still suffer from oral cancer, making oral cancer screening crucial.

If you are interested, our office also offers other family dentistry services for our patients.

It is always better for you to have oral cancer screening done on a regular and consistent basis because early detection can save your life. Oral cancer is treatable when detected at an early stage, so please contact us today at 650-880-1269 for your oral cancer screening. You can also visit us at Smile Craft Dental to get the screening done.

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Oral Cancer Screening Redwood City, CA • Smile Craft Dental
If you have questions about oral cancer screening procedures, then please visit our office at Smile Craft Dental so we can help you understand all the benefits!
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