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Periodontal Maintenance in Redwood City & Mountain View 

Diagram of teeth and gum cleaningPeople often emphasize the health of their teeth but forget their teeth are not the only component of a healthy mouth. For good oral hygiene and excellent oral health, you need to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is more than a simple focus on brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily but also caring for your gums and keeping them healthy.

Periodontal diseases can be treated, but it can be quite serious and difficult to treat because often by the time you realize you are suffering from a gum infection, it has spread over your entire mouth. If you want to encourage gum health and be certain you do not contract a gum infection, good gum hygiene and maintenance are the key, and we can help. You can learn more about periodontal care and maintenance by visiting our office at Smile Craft Dental.


A gum infection usually spreads quickly and controlling it can be exceedingly difficult. People who suffer from gum infections are at a higher risk of losing their teeth because a periodontal infection attacks the roots of their teeth and makes teeth come loose. If you want to be certain you do not suffer from any of these devastating problems, you need to keep your gums healthy.

Regular dental examinations by our team of dental professionals are one of the best ways to ensure your gums are healthy, because identifying early signs of gum infections and disease is one of our specialties. Our dental professionals, through careful examination, can uncover the slightest infection and provide treatment immediately, preventing further infection. When gum infections are treated at an early stage, tooth loss is prevented, and your natural teeth remain strong and healthy.


Regular dental exams not only help to identify any gum infections at an early stage, but also can help in identifying dental problems early. Dental issues as small as a minor cavity could, later on, turn into larger cavities with infections and require an invasive solution like a root canal procedure. It is important not to ignore small dental issues and we can help you through your regular dental exams with us. During your exam, our dental professionals will detect even the smallest problem and work to rectify it immediately. Doing so can prevent larger issues in the future and provides solutions in affordable, effective ways.


Good gum health is important not only because it keeps your teeth strong, but also because it helps to avoid major dental complications in the future. When you ignore dental problems, especially gum infections, not only does it affect your teeth and their roots, but it can also damage the tissue inside your mouth and the bone to which your teeth are connected. Once the infection spreads, it is almost impossible to treat, and so compromises all of your teeth.

The last thing you want is for a small infection to jeopardize your smile and all of the teeth in your mouth. Call us at Redwood City 650-900-6496 or Mountain View 650-679-7990 or visit our office at Smile Craft Dental and let us help you eliminate the possibility of gum infections and ensure you maintain good oral hygiene through periodontal maintenance.

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