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Teeth Whitening

The tooth whitening procedure is often considered to be a cosmetic treatment. Although dental whitening does enhance the appearance of your teeth, it is not the only reason we recommend it to our patients regularly. If you have stained teeth or have noticed a yellowish tint on your teeth you would like removed, we highly recommend visiting our office at Smile Craft Dental to learn more about dental whitening and the benefits it can offer you. 


Enhancing your smile - making your teeth white and beautiful again - is one of the primary reasons people opt for dental cleaning and whitening procedures, but there is more than aesthetics to cleaning and whitening. A dental whitening session often begins with cleaning your teeth. With that cleaning comes a mouth examination to ensure you have no dental issues or problems with your teeth, gums, tongue, or other areas. If we note any dental problems, we stop to discuss the issue with you and advise you in the best way to resolve the issue. Often treating dental issues in the early stages helps keep your mouth healthy and prevents any major dental problems in the future. While we understand you want your teeth to be white and beautiful, it is important they are healthy as well and that is why we include a thorough exam during your dental whitening session. 


Teeth whitening helps to kill all the bacteria present in your mouth which is a highly effective solution in eliminating the chance of infection. Many times, people believe they can purchase an over the counter teeth whitening kit to make their smile prettier. These kits bleach your teeth, resulting in an unnatural white layer on your teeth as well as disturbing the enamel and risking enamel loss over time. 

Better than flashing a fake artificial smile, opt for naturally white and beautiful teeth with the help of our dental professionals. A premium quality dental whitening session will deliver a number of benefits - helping to enhance your smile and keeping your teeth healthy and free from any infections and cavities. 


Many people make lifestyle choices which result in yellowish or discolored teeth. Consumption of excess caffeine in coffee or tea, as well as dark sodas can cause discolored teeth. Drinking red wine, smoking, or chewing tobacco can also result in stained teeth. Another common cause is poor dental hygiene habits. Stained or discolored teeth affect your appearance in a negative way in your professional life, plus they can also make you older. If you are facing stained or discolored teeth due to lifestyle choices, a dental whitening procedure from our professional dental team can help. 

Dental whitening is a non-invasive procedure that is affordable and effective. If you want whiter, naturally beautiful teeth, don't hesitate to let us restore your beautiful smile with teeth whitening. Call us today at Redwood City 650-900-6496 or Mountain View 650-679-7990 or visit our office at Smile Craft Dental so we can whiten your teeth and brighten your life.

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